We are the Cannabis industry’s leading professional advisors providing an integrated approach to cultivate success.


SQ FEET Facility Planning


By working as an integrated team, we provide single-contact, turn-key solutions to guide you through the complex process of establishing and growing your cannabis business. Whether you are looking for assistance with Operations Planning, License Application, Real Estate and Property Development, Facility Design and Permitting, Budgeting, Scheduling, and Construction, or Product Selection, we are here to help.


We bring architecture, engineering, surveying, contracting, grow consulting, legal representation, licensure, financial consulting, real estate acquisition and analysis, business planning, and product purchasing to provide turn-key solutions for your cannabis business.


Based in Colorado, Grow Group has been providing design and consultation services to the cannabis industry since the beginning of the legal marijuana movement.  Now, with projects across the country, we are industry leaders in providing innovative solutions to the rapidly developing market.

"Grow Group is the Gold Standard for cannabis facility consulting."

— Steve Brooks, Owner, Lightshade


Our team of experts will help you through all phases of Design and Construction including Site Selection, Layout to maximize productivity, Full Design and Engineering to integrate Architectural, HVAC & Electrical Engineering, Irrigation, Security Systems, Budgeting, Scheduling, and ultimately Building Construction


In order to help you obtain your cannabis license, we are able to provide you with preliminary design drawings, security integration, and an operations strategy that will place your company well above any competition.


Available products and systems are constantly emerging and evolving. We help you select the optimal Lighting, Irrigation, Automation Controls, and Security system to fit your budget that will provide the highest levels of quality and volume to maximize your profits.

“Grow Group worked with us from the beginning of the application process – helping us win 1 of only 22 state cultivation licenses – through building design and construction, meeting our tight budget and schedule requirements.”

— Rich Silverstein, CEO, Justice Grown

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As the Cannabis market continues to evolve, it is crucial that your business remains competitive for the long term. Careful planning and proper execution will position your business at the forefront of the market. Grow Group can help you with planning all phases of implementation from initial start up to multi-year phasing strategies. We provide a wide range of consulting and design services to help you during the planning and building phases of your cannabis facility. Careful coordination of all aspects is required to ensure that your goals are achieved, on time, on budget and up to the highest standards.


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We are the leading Cannabis industry professional advisors with an integrated approach to cultivate success.

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